Friday, October 17, 2008

They say that with great pain in the heart a famous love song is derived

They say that with great pain in the heart a famous love song is derived...
Although I am not much of a country song writer or even a love song writer...
Even if I am the cockroach of love...and one time I pulled a cockroach out a a little kids ear and porque there were eggs...gross I know I couldn't help myself. It was Walker inspired.

I feel like everything has a rhyme and a reason for happening and well since my heart and pocket book are on the brinks of breaking I feel as if I have to go for broke and roll the dice mostly in Vegas where all the bling bling is...No I am not moving to Vegas but you must be asking yourself what in the H-E-L-L is darn girl talking about. There is a reason for these statements just like there must have been a reason that I had to see two 18 G needles (yikes bigggg) bilaterally placed on a Peni to drain the blood...This is kind of a Public awareness statement. Some psyco drugs can cause prioprism (an erection lasting more than 4 hours can cause ED forever) I suggest after the 2nd hour to go to the ED...

That is not really the reason I was talking about everything happens for a reason. Tonight I got a call from a kid who had sales written all over my phone, for the 50 Th time I said I don't need a nursing Jobber why would I use a recruiter? Hello Nursing is like the easiest job to get...more later about why that is the truthful statement...He says to me taking all my sh@# talk (he's from the Boston area and now he is famous in blog land). He's going to talk with his people and I might just have another business opportunity boiling in the pot...Let's be hopeful I really need a pedicure...


Walker said...

Hmmm song writing is something i suck at to but no one has ever held a gun to my head.
Recently that is.

There is a tear in my beer
But no cockroach in my ear
As time goes by I sit here
Waiting for time to run out on this shity year

But not all is done
I plan for some fun
Maybe even in the sun
When my bad luck slows down and I can run

I wait for good news to hear
I look down at that tear in my beer
And know for sure
It’s better than a cockroach in my ear

3 Magpies said...

Keep moving forward...write those lyrics, start that business, get that pedicure!

Just telling it like it is said...

Walker I don't know you might have another career path that you should follow that sound like apretty dalger good song to me!!;)

3 Mag: Thanks for spuring me on..It always helps to have blogger that believe in you and along the way I tell ya I am going to let you all in on my journey to the land of thoughs that can get a pedicure weekly..
I know I reach for the stars hu?

Walker said...

I could be the poster boy for all the starving songwriters HA HA HA

Just telling it like it is said...

Or a poster boy on 10 different ways to hook up with chicks!!!
but I do like your writing sytle!! brings a smile to my face!!!

Walker said...

There you go, I put smiles on women's faces with my fingers. LOL

Just telling it like it is said... sure know how to crack me up!!! smiles with your fingers..when can I come visit???

Anonymous said...

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