Monday, August 24, 2009

Seriously you need to get over it...

Dear Bloggers,
Have any of you been stalked by some one? You know that like call your phone a billion times till you have to block that persons number. Then they take to sending you e-mails which you never open up and read; I just delete them. Finally they are so desperate to get your attention they invade your blog...
So, hear are some helpful tips on how you get over you loss and leave me alone.

1. Don't send e-mails to me send e-mails to your friends.
If you find yourself writing e-mails to me understand that I will not open them up. I don't care
to have a stalker as a friend.

2. Don't read my blog because I'm telling you if your getting jealious because I wrote about
my relationship with Engineer guy you will loose that battle. I love him and always will.

3. Get some help...Run don't walk..Don't they have a Stalkers anonomous. I suggest you see
shrink he can give you medicine.

4. Just so you know I'm a really smart girl and I can't be manipulated very easily. So, what ever
you have to say to me I don't want to know because I don't care.

Hear that I don't care about you.

Darn girl

Wednesday, August 19, 2009

Drunk as a Kooter on hooter...

Drunk as a Kooter or on a hooter...
Or is that my knew skatier girl name?
Okay I was out with some high school friends the other night pondering the thought of dating again when I asked," what is the worst date you been on?".
One of my friend's said, " After I passed the sobriety test I told the officer that I really didn't know her and she was to drunk to drive."
Wow, I think I'll keep the skater name for now...but I will have to date at sometime.