Sunday, December 26, 2010

Merry Christmas to all of my blogger ya!!!

Story photo: Hugh Hefner, 84, Engaged to Playmate, 24Now I love Playboy like everybody does...I even used to play the Yes No Yes, No game with my friend Mike....We would look at the girls and decide if they were hot enough for him to sleep with, but I can't believe Heff's getting married to a woman that is 60 yrs. younger than him! She's 24 yrs. old beside the whole money deal- (Which I could never do no matter if you could give me Rome) I think we all know here what motivates me and it is not the size of a man's wallet...Hey, I'm shallow just not in that way!  Eeeeewwwww she has to have sex with his wrinkly arse not to mention grey saggy balls! Butt I am not a hater so good luck to the old man and the playmate!