Saturday, April 19, 2008

It's Official..I had to draw in my eyebrow

It's official...
and some un-offical rules:

A: I have finally become full on cholla (slang for Mexican girl born is USA or that grew up in east LA and hung out at echo park)(hey I don't make up the slang I am just trying relay the Mexican slang code as much as I can interpret myself)


B: I have turned into my mother.

Either way I look at it; it is like I have crossed some right of passage that most Mexican girls do when they are fifteen. The family throws a huge party that can be really tachy (as evidence of all the plastic flowers and not even the good kind that can fool the eye; the party is really expensive called a Quinceanera.Every girl wears a dress with fluffy pink shoulders that burry any sign of life and a princess train that is so cumbersome that one is unable to sit all night.I have actually seen girls fall over due to the sheer force of the Quinceanera dress. A force that was beyond the control of the matriarchal women in the family. It's like the ghost that is passed on from generations to generations. Most Mexican families swear that they have had a ghost living in their basement at one time or the other.

On my white Dad's side of the family (I am sorry should I have said the political term for white, Okay redneck side of my family came from Arkansas.)They also had a right of passage at fifteen. It was called, "Oh $#!+ I'm pregnant with my step-brothers child I better get married or my Dad is going to kill me" (a true story by the way)

So you ask yourself what could cause this right of passage. I was grooming my face 2 days ago when I accidently shaved off half of my eyebrow. $#!+ (my grandmothers favorite word in english). Now what do I do? I am perplexed how could I let this happen. So what did I do?

Like any Cholla girl would do I drew them on with a eyeliner stick. I was hoping by the end of the day that my new black eyebrows would not smug off, but I was unsuccessful at that endever. So with my smugged eyebrows I looked into the mirrow only to find that I looked like my Mother. Yikes I screamed.

Oh my mother is a beautiful woman at the age of 45 (the age she admits too), But she seems to get stuck in certain decades. I like to say that her eyebrows (think Pamela Anderson) are round and very thin and for years she drew them in... plucking them till they were almost not there. The 70's decade that she is not willing to let go off. Then there is the 80's decade that her permed hair is unwilling to leave with the bangs and all...

So you can see my delema. So, I drew black eyeliner on my lips filled the rest of my lips in with red lipstick. I am hopping that Engineer Guy is into my new look!

It's Official..

Sunday, April 06, 2008

Ever go to work....

Sh!+ that plagues my mind...

1. Ever go to work with next day hair??

a) yes, my hair did look a bit unmanaged to put it politely: I have over active sebaceous glads! Gosh (it was oily)

b)To my defence 0430 AM comes about really fast...

2. Even more troublesome ever go to work with 2Nd. day eyeshadow...

a)Why I was still sparkle girl at 0430 AM I figured why not keep it that way I'd be extra fresh..

b) No worries I washed up the Vagina parts including and the ever so left out at times the anus and the underarms of course...Not that I ever forget but lets just say it run into it a time or too on the job..

c) Hey I don't look at every anus that walks though the door of the hospital Just the Dirty ones fall into my care...

3. Ever get to work and feel the urge to Poop?

a) you have no idea how troublesome this is to me...

b) half of the time I lie to myself Most of the time I have convinced myself that I never do #2.

c) I hate it when this happens and I am forced to will myseld into thinking that I don't have to poop!

The cure to all this photop is to drink two glasses of wine and remember to take an Aspirin in the morning..
Just telling it like it is :)