Friday, August 24, 2012

It haunts me...

It eludes me night after night. When I can do it I dream about it. It is like a ghost, follwing me daily hoping and dreaming for it. It is the orger on my back digging it long dirty nails into my skin krippling me day after day. I try and work-out so that I feel my eyes close and drift off. Sleep is what evades me.... I wish I could sleep.

Wednesday, August 08, 2012

Drunk as a Kooter on hooter...


Drunk as a Kooter or on a hooter...
Or is that my knew skatier girl name?
Okay I was out with some high school friends the other night pondering the thought of dating again when I asked," what is the worst date you been on?".
One of my friend's said, " After I passed the sobriety test I told the officer that I really didn't know her and she was to drunk to drive."
Wow, I think I'll keep the skater name for now...but I will have to date at sometime.