Sunday, September 28, 2008

finding that right jobber....

I know that I have quit my job at time when people are I think about to jump out of buildings...
What the hell I have come up with some ingnous way to at least eat...
I could stand at the gas station corner and flash my boobs to the on lookers,
but 1. I think I might cause more accidents then getting cash..
2. I think that is against the law unless you are in phx and going down the float and looking for more beer...ask me How I know this all I can say is Sister we have enough beer quit flashing alright will ya.

then I thought I could sand on the corner with a bathing suit on, but then I thought I might get busted by the cops for solicitation....for what being a model and trying to make it in "Hollywood"? We all know that being a professional model takes time.
So Career, moster and any old person that is willing to take my resume I have been sending it out like a wild woman. It is just this time I would not like to have to put my fingers in places the sun doesn't shine about pharmaceutical rep. I know my drugs (lord knows I have given all different kinds of med but never killed anyone so I think that's a good thing right?) All I have to do is get the Dr. to spend 5 mins with me flash my boobs and voila, we have a sale. I got it all figured out I tell you...wish me luck.

still away from home and although I am with my kiddo matters of the heart are never easy to fix.

Tuesday, September 23, 2008

two sticks,. glue =, a peice of gum and watch Magiver at work

I took my son fishing this weekend and all he caught we 3 tiny little bity fish...
Of coarse I made him clean them and cook them on a camp fire that I made him start with a flint..
While I was not looking his grandfather gave him some matches so they could finally start the fire. Hey at least I didn't give him two sticks rub together or we would have been there all night.

Saturday, September 20, 2008

Declaration of independence....

I know whilst most of you are worried about loosing your jobs and wondering what the future is going to bring and all of a sudden I run away...

Let the true be know that whilst in nursing school they didn't tell me that women would sometimes have claspers in their vaggigna area (usually found on male sharks). Imagine to my dismay of only finding this out after school and whilst having to insert a foley cathater. I have not been the same since.

I also happen to leave Engineer guy behind. He is a good man and I am very sad but he was just not ready for the family life like I was, and you can't fault the man for not really wanting to start a family with me....I'm a little crazy at times but I am always about the love. I still want to have children and he was not ready for that with me. I totally understand, no hard feelings. So if you know any Ice islanders out there(that speak no English I prefer) that happen to be really tall, fit with ice blue eyes and a really nice body.... and is dumber than the average tool in the shead will you keep me posted.
Untill then I am going to take the med cap and scare the world by possibly becoming a Doctor or a NP. I'll find my way back to myself no matter what it takes at least for now I have a roof over my head and my blog land friends to fill my head with how big my boobs are. Is that so wrong?

Wednesday, September 17, 2008

Estava Gone

This morning I awoke at 0200 am, curled my hair put on a little make-up and headed to the airport via taxi. I ran away from home.

I know usually I would be telling about the time I ran away from home when I was 15 yrs old only to have my Ma find me at my Aunt's house. My Ma knew everything; I am sure that my Aunt didn't rat me out. I think she must of had some tracking device placed underneath my scalp or something when I was to young or unaware of what was happening to me.

I quit my job because I was tired of sticking my finger in old women's vaggignas, and cupping old balls and telling the men to cough. I mean I only really went into Nursing to handle young mens balls and then fondle them a bit, tell the hot guy to cough, then fondle them some more and then tell them to cough again. I think I might have just gotten away with it too. I also only worked in the ER to pull Dr. Goldenrod into the clean utiltiy room from time to time. I mean I really only have asked him to give me a breast examination.... because you all know how much I believe in checking your breast montly.... or in the case of pulling him into the clean utility room weekly. All in the name of medicine I swear.

Sunday, September 07, 2008

The secret I have been keeping...

So, I know that you all know that I am very shy, I mean I never report all of my dirty little secrets... But for some reason I am compelled to reveal something that is so private, just so so secret that even my Ma doesn't know...ohhh should she know?? You know that all she talk about is her period (just to torture me as if ? showing off her DD after two kid they are still standing up and they are real yeah yeah I know Ma you have cramps all the time) My father definitely doesn't know because I am a virgin or at least I was until I was married at the very young age of 19. Somehow by a miracle of nature I got pregnant . I don't know how it happen. Oh, my boy is the love of life my life , but but this is not the secret...The secret is, this is really shocking that Engineer guy has a third nipple. I know I was shocked too.