Sunday, September 28, 2008

finding that right jobber....

I know that I have quit my job at time when people are I think about to jump out of buildings...
What the hell I have come up with some ingnous way to at least eat...
I could stand at the gas station corner and flash my boobs to the on lookers,
but 1. I think I might cause more accidents then getting cash..
2. I think that is against the law unless you are in phx and going down the float and looking for more beer...ask me How I know this all I can say is Sister we have enough beer quit flashing alright will ya.

then I thought I could sand on the corner with a bathing suit on, but then I thought I might get busted by the cops for solicitation....for what being a model and trying to make it in "Hollywood"? We all know that being a professional model takes time.
So Career, moster and any old person that is willing to take my resume I have been sending it out like a wild woman. It is just this time I would not like to have to put my fingers in places the sun doesn't shine about pharmaceutical rep. I know my drugs (lord knows I have given all different kinds of med but never killed anyone so I think that's a good thing right?) All I have to do is get the Dr. to spend 5 mins with me flash my boobs and voila, we have a sale. I got it all figured out I tell you...wish me luck.

still away from home and although I am with my kiddo matters of the heart are never easy to fix.


Walker said...

The cops would bust you for looking better than the hookers not being one ;)

Matters of the heart are never as to easy to fix as they are to break.

I hope you find what ever makes you happy in everything and at least a job where you could see what your hands are doing.

ssgreylord said...

i know you will end up on your feet in the right place. you've got that charisma about you that promises something good. (not to mention your boobs :) ).