Saturday, October 25, 2008

Can I please call a 1-900 number to help me get over my grief?

I am still over come by grief and loss of Engineer guy. I don't Know how I let myself get to this far. I have tried thinking of ways to get over the constant sadness that racks havoc in my heart.
I thought that I might find a group of women and men that might be able to help me fill the space in my heart. Maybe I should start a 1-900 broken heart line to help me pay my bills and mend my heart.

Got any other ideas?

I have tried to take a bath...
No help

I have tried wine
Not the answer

I tried working out only good for my butt did not thank me..
No ease at all

I called my high sch0ol girlfriend
She was wonderful to catch up with my heart still hurts
I have immersed myself into the private and shady life of one of my girlfriends. I was at court with her all day during her divorce proceeding it got kind of nasty...
It only helped for a bit..

I tried to read all of the funny blogs that I Love to follow..
I couldn't think of any witty help

I tried wine again
Still didn't help

I showed my boobs to my girlfriend, my girlfriend's sister and her Mother. I even showed my nipples. Hey this is an emergency I had to pull out all the my tricks out of the bag.
It helped a little to have them fondled and to be told that they were nice, but that only lasted as long as one night. It helped enough for me to go onto Oprah and suggest that his might be a good way to cure the blues for at least an hour or too.

I took another shower, put on some make-up did my hair and when to target to play that old game of look at me and give me some attention.
It worked for a minute until I thought that the only attention I was getting was from the old me that were there either buying tampons or walking behind their wife's. Hey I am moral I thought that they should have waited to look until they were their on their own accord.

What is a girl to do?
I even tried to watch " Legends of the Falls" even Tristan couldn't help me...
Don't get crazy if here were here in person on my behalf and lets just say all my clothes fell off I might think that oh who am I kidding I know it would work. Tristan please come to me... where are you Tristan when I need you the most?


That girl said...

If getting your boobs fondled by your friend, her sister and her mom doesn't help...I am out of ideas completely! lol.

I only wish my boobs were as nice as yours. If were to show mine off, I doubt I'd get compliments.

That would not put me in a better mood at all!

If Tristan can't help, what can we mortals do?!

buffalodick said...

I don't know if fondling your boobs would help you, but it would do wonders for me! Wine? Try Vodka and a dance CD played loud- and dance to it...

Just telling it like it is said...

That girl: I know why do I have to just be a mere mortal...
Listen Men love boobs, big boobs little boobs, boobs that roll up, boobs that freakishly big...Just to see them I think we all get excited..I would indeed give you a compliment after all I try to see the beauty in everything...and that is not with my beer goggles on.
Buffalo: At least I would be making someone happy...After all I am a nurse. I have finally turned to music...I couldn't even think about shaking my bum bum but since nothing else has worked I must try it all...thanks for making me smile during my dark days..

Anonymous said...

of course you didn't take Tristans advice in LOTF.

He said and I quote...." I recommend fucking"
(yes the bride loves that movie and that is the only thing I can remember from it)

It'll get mo better!!
dang didja try showing the girls to complete strangers? I hear that works!

Good luck.

buffalodick said...

Dancing is kind of primal.. drinking is a primal way to let go.. after that- I got nothin' except one more primal thing... Plant your bare feet into Mother Earth, dig in with your toes.. find your balance, and simply be who you are..

buffalodick said...

I suspect you may have saved some lives while working as an ER nurse.. save yourself first, others may need you later.. In the immortal words of Judah Ben-Hur on the Roman galley- "We exist to serve"..

Walker said...

The problem here the quality of the fondling you got.
You need experienced palms and fingers taking caresing them

Just telling it like it is said...

Walker I guess one day you will have to show me what your talking about!!!

ssgreylord said...

it gets better... promise.