Sunday, May 20, 2007

Dragon Shoes

So it is recorded in history that Men are like light bulbs, when there light is on then they are ready for commitment. When there light is off they are just test driving all the Shiny New Cars they can possibly get their hands on.

My aunt got married in 1984 to my uncle "Chemical Guy". I was a junior Brides maid with hair feathers so perfectly you would have thought I was the lead singer in the band "Wham". I asked her one day." How do you know Chemical Guy is the one?" She told me when the light bulb is on... you will know. Well, I really didn't know what the HE## she was talking
about then porque I know now.

My aunt is still happily Married with three kids. I model myself after her, and the trusting, loving relationship that she has built with "Chemical Guy". She is the one that taught be about the rules. Rule #1 always sleep naked together (skinny dip with your girlfriends occationally), #2 never with hold sex from each other...and on and on.

The other night at dinner I thought I would test this theory out on Engineer Guy. I asked him if his light bulb was on or off? He looked at me with that look of "I don't know what the hell you are trying to say but I am sure I am going to find out." Then I gave him an out... an easy out, "Run like hell from me now and you might be saved from the curse, stay and your going to be with me forever" Still puzzled, he blinked his eye and stated, "girrrl I know your crazy and I for what ever reason I still love you" Alright I told him, porque I warned you.

I did reasure him that although I might not be the sharpest tool in the Garage I would alway be exciting, fatihful, honest and I always love him unconditionally. We talked about our child hood. I told how much fun my Aunt and Uncle had over the years. Everytime my Uncle "Chemical guy" goes out with the Boyz he wears his Dragon Shoes. "Dragon Shoes"? Yep, when he puts on his drangon shoes usually one of the guys end up dragon his arse home mostly by his shoes.


Superstar said...

That is so cu his, dragon shoes!

Beth said...

that is so cute! Dragon shoes!

Engineer Guy is smart if he's with're fantastic!

Just telling it like it is said... is cute my aunt cracks me can definately tell we are related, cause we always say inappriate things when everyone is around..

Beth: thanks...let's hope he continues to thinks I'm fantastic..Beth I think your pretty great too super!!

Anonymous said...
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Memphis Steve said...

Why is he called "Chemical Guy"? Just curious.

You offered Engineer Guy a chance to run away and leave you? I'm not surprised he didn't go. I wouldn't either. You are one in a million. :)

mist1 said...

I have lots of shoes. I don't think I own a single pair of these.

Rainman said...

FYI: I'm stealing the term "Dragon shoes" for my own use.

I would have loved to see Engineer guys facial expression when you told him the "Run like hell..." line. I'm sure most guys would have that clueless WTF is she talking about look on their face.

Oh and did I tell you... I'm a DEA agent in training. :)

Christina_the_wench said...

*looks at Rain* Fibber!

I want a pair of those dragon shoes. Will your uncle lend me his?

Queen of the Mayhem said...

Don't they all put those on? Mr. Mayhem is 38 and still wears those every once in a while!

Come to think of it....I may need to put some of those on! hee-hee

mollymcmo said...

you're so hot! i love that!!
dragon shoes! LMAO!
i'm stealing it too :)


Beth said...

where are you? Are you still alive or did you expire from alcohol poisoning?! ;)

Just telling it like it is said...

Steve: I call him "chemical guy" because he owns a chemical know I like I call you naked guy to my friends...

Mist1: I am realy surprised you do not have any dragon shoes!!

Rain man: Like minds...I knew it DEA...that is kinda turning me on right now I better stop.

Molly: you know I have love you because your a nurse...I can't help it!!!

Christina: I am not sure you want to borrow his dragon shoes I hear he wears them often...

Queen: you definatley need to let your hair down once in a while life is just way to short

Beth: oh just wait until you read my next blog..did I say I like to shock people...I think I did!!!