Monday, January 01, 2007

Can you say

The girls were out last night!

Amber don't kill me cause your not smiling at the camera. I promise to put up a better one of you later...
Happy New Years!
Can you say Toasted


Anonymous said...

AWWWWWHHHHH you look fab!
Damn you skinny woman!
~looks around~
You don't look Sh*t faced at ALLL!!!!!!
Happy New Year
~dangles Vodka bottle~

Anonymous said...

great boobs, by the way.

you're drunk? couldn't tell! you look mah-vuh-lus!!!!

Just telling it like it is said...

Super: What ever,"My superstar singing friend", you know that you're gorgeous, funny,and and smart...what ever...
"Can you see how big my head is getting right now?"

Beth: Thanks, I have my super dooper push up bra on that has not failed me yet, and about a roll of duck tape,"silver" keeping my party favors up...
The old smoke and it!!

awaiting said...

Yes, you look gorgeous!!

Here's to you, beautiful! Let's get this year STARTED!!