Wednesday, July 11, 2007


I was at a party on Saturday getting my drink on...and one of the Ladies started talking about her husband...

Lady: My husband and I love each other so much..

Me: Awe that is sweet, how long you'all been together?

Lady: 10 years...we were partying with this couple several weeks ago, we had so much fun..oh we have our problems but he always treats me so good.

Me: Yeah don't we all have problems every now and then..but at least you guys have good communication.

Lady: Yeah...we do. Last week he told me that he thought his prostate was acting up again...Nope turns out he gave us gonarrhea..

Me: Wow, he must really love you a lot! WTF?


AndreAnna said...

ohmyword. how hystrerical.

Maybe she was hitting on you!?! :)

Michael C said...

Uh, is she dense??

simonsays said...

Oh my. My my my. Aren't people hysterical? teehee

Beth said...

what the eff?!!!!!!

stupid.....stupid, stupid, stupid

mist1 said...

No one ever gives me anything good.

Cece said...

That is why I try my hardest to not talk to people. If they're not in my computer I ain't talkin' to them!

Legaleagle said...

That just makes me throw up in my mouth a little.