Monday, April 16, 2007

Beer is Mostly Protien Right?

I can't believe you said that...and he still loves you..."Girlfriend mentions this too me last night" Suddenly I am insecure and think to myself...maybe I am tooo crazy...I mean really who dates someone who is knee deep in other people vagina during the week or has other men's peni in there hands...GLOVE people Gloved...and ONLY for medical emergencies I swear...I swear...

Tonight is date night with myself... I'm a cheap date, so I am watching "Sex in the City" DVD's that I borrowed and drinking beer for dinner...what is soooo wrong with that? and as I watch the DVD's I am analizing every sexual chocolate episode as if I am a chair holder on the team of judges for the Golden globe awards...

I think to myself...I know thinking a new concept; I scratched my head as I pondered the thought...Does he really love me with all my crazyiness?...I mean I wake up in the middle of the night and say.."Dr. I need the patients chart"...He gently nudges me and says baby we are in bed you are not at the hospital..."Oh" I go back to sleep...or when I have a particular stressful day and I can't sleep due to all the adrenaline racing though my viens because I was involved in a Code Blue before I reached his house for date night...he understands that I can't sleep and doesn't mind if I keep the TV on as he sleeps... On the weekends he lets me drink and get a little crazy with telling all my peni stories...he never even is fazed when I give the talk about herpes...I send him text messages that read, " I know that you have a girlfriend, but how about we have sex before she comes over"...he sends a text to me back..." sounds great, by the way I love you and I will see you Later" darn fooled...he know's it was me...

"Girlfriend" does he love me for me and all the crazy shit I put him through?...I asked him tonight as he was driving home from a business dinner with sure you love me?...
He is solid. He say, " Woman...till the deepest end of the ocean till the last grain of sand"...

I love it when he calls me Woman...yes girlfriend...He loves me even if.....


mist1 said...

Is the word really peni?

I thought maybe penii or penae, but not peni.

Now, I have to Google it, Woman.

Just telling it like it is said...

Ohhh Mist 1 a penis..and your asking me for advise on spelling...please..I couldn't spell to say my life...good thing bad grammer will not kill ya!!!

Superstar said...

Mist1...see MollyMcMolly for the correct widpeka spelling. LOL

Sugar, I think you two so perfect! I mean...who better to understand ya!??!?!
Xantini anyone???

OH, cake, beer...all good food groups!

Just telling it like it is said...

Star...I need an intervention...I can't spell worth a shit...and sometimes I don't even care to use spell check...what is wrong with me??

Memphis Steve said...

Sounds like you two are in love. That's a good thing, you know.

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