Thursday, July 24, 2008

I'm Bored

Sheesh...Summer time in the desert is not very busy for registry nurses hence I have been home all week on the couch watching ever FBI file show imaginable, every investigative show on finding murderers, robbers and rapists; Still bored. This usually entertains me and gives me hours of nonstop techniques just in case I ever want to go undercover as as an FBI agent or maybe even a CIA agent.(totally possible) Not to mention the fact that something is wrong with my computer and I am convinced B@#$ B&^ is keeping my computer and down loading all the naked pictures of myself that I have collected over the years...(only pure art people I swear) and father that is just a joke okay.
What can I do with myself? What to do I think as I twiddle my thumbs? The kid is like a never ending eating machine and I can only cook and clean so much before I start to lose my mind. I have a secrete to tell all of you...I know I know...If I don't work on a regular basis I start to get anxiety, like I will not have enough money to feed the kid or pay my bills. This has been a life long problem for me due to the fact that I grew up poor, and I might just have a slight case of neurosis, but I know that you all can keep a secrete.
So, I have only been able to access the Internet when "Engineer guy" get home were I trample him and jump on his laptop. It is like I am shut off to the world. I can't stand it and to make matters worse the company fixing my computer is going to take another several days to fix and then I must find the back up disks to get all the windows stuff...Oh like I really know where thoughts are. What kind of woman do they think I am...I am not a filer of important information. I never expected my computer to turn against me in the first place and I surly can't figure out how to put all that stuff back on it. I am scratching my head asking them why they didn't back up that information don't they know that I am computer illiterate. The very reason I took the computer to the Geek squad in the first place...Ain't they supposed to have all the answers, how dare they.
So, now I am bored awaiting Engineer guy to get home so I can pump him with questions about he work day. Another thing you might not know about me is that I have a rule that when I am off from work I can't leave the house until after 2:oopm. It is blazing hot here 115 degrees I am trying to fight the aging process here so I don't want to expose my already tan skin to more UVB rays. I am left with not thing to do but torture the kid...."Your lips are dry you need to drink more water" " kid I need to read random stuff from the book"Why do Men have Nipples" in order to school him why people urine smells when they eat asparagus. This only entertains me for about a half an hour when i find out that he is really interested in belly button lint.
Thankfully I am meeting some co-workers out tonight for dinner to discuss my changing of Careers. Wish me luck and please hope that I work tomorrow before the kid and Engineer guy put me out of the house.


Walker said...

And that's why I have 5 computers, so I never have to go without. LOL
I understand bored, the only fun I get is watching the dog I am watching get beat up by my cat.

Want a dog and a cat to watch for entertainment?

Hope you had fun with your friends?

Just telling it like it is said...

Thanks walker unfortunalty no cats or dogs at my house..

tashabud said...

You're so funny in this post. I wish I find myself bored sometimes. 115 degrees! That's how hot it was going through southern Utah last year. Hope you get your computer back soon. Stay cool. Hehe.

Just telling it like it is said...

T:finally got my computer back but ohhhh how much mulla it cost...what do they think I am a rich girl????