Thursday, May 01, 2008

This picture describes my life....

There was a photo of a man on a beach laying on his side with his testicals hangin out however I was unsuccessful at plublishing this picture...I am not sure
until then you all are going to have to use your imagination!

In a nutt shell..Okay so maybe his nutt is not in a shell..Life, Liberty, and the pursue of happiness is what we all aspire to attain, but what makes us happy??For many years I have not given myself an option for failure. Failure, I repeat has not been an option, but as I would chose not to see it (because denial always has worked bestfor me) I have have done the almost impossible...Admission of failure to myself and some of the people that I love..I would love to go through life hard as a rock, solid in my own mind but I am no longer that Super woman that I was in kindergarden that my mother worked so hard to sew for me...I am indeed a woman that has some problems that I must face...How do you deal with making mistakes in your life I ask you old faithful readers of mine...I would like to of coarse talk about the last succces of my life the baseball size abcess that I... I &D'ed. I would love to talk about the yellow, green serioussangous fluid that oozed from the laceration that I inflicted, but even that story doesn't cheer me up...Tell me fellow have you successfully dealt falling short....P.S. I hope you enjoyed the pic of the day!!!


Michael C said...

Well, i had to go talk to a counselor and get happy pills. That's how I dealt with it, but damn, it took me a long time to accept that!

Hang in there, ok!!

Just telling it like it is said...

Well, micheal..
I'm hanging by the hair of my chinny chin chin...
But I feel that even with happy pills the house might be blown down!!!
Thanks for the support!

Barry said...

The pic of the day was not a pretty sight (in my mind's eye)

What was it about Thomas Edison? He did not fail hundreds of times at making the light bulb, he just found hundreds of ways NOT to make a light bulb :P

Just telling it like it is said...

Thanks Barry!! I can appreciate that word of advice!! today is a new day!!!!