Monday, November 02, 2009

And now do justice to my award.....

For some unknown reason I have been chosen for the "You are a great read award" by the lovely talented Kimberly (Got blog) perpetuating my half of brain idea that I am famous in my understand it is hard to having half of a head. Just so you know that I am soooo shy when it comes to my daily sexual chocolate life but I am honored to receive this award so I am obligated to tell you the 10 things I do...on Thursday cause that is the day I see Logistic guy...I'm not a sex-addict I swear I swear....I only see him once a week and that is just plenty for me.

1.I am notorious for waking up at 4 or 5 in the morning to know that long pee that never ever seems to end. I wipe front to back cause that is what your suppose to do and then I wash my hands and sing the happy birthday song so I know that I have washed for the appropriate amount of time. (I'm a little neurotic when it comes to bacteria its all my mothers fault)

2. I'm naked that is part of the rules because this is not a democracy and I like to sleep naked against Logistic guy and he doesn't have a choice. I look in the mirror sucking in my abs so they are trained to appear flat. Oh they know don't you even think about turning against me .... because because my abs know that I will put them through a hell of a workout by way of only giving them a liquid diet. One can't ever be to strict with their body or it might turn against you.

3. Next, (at 5 in the morning) I brush my teeth making sure that I scrub them well after last nights blowing fest. I mean I am not apposed to giving in every now and then with a little dabble in the peni area if you know what I mean. Well that is how it starts....then there's the full on action but I am not about giving play by play because you all know that I am shy...sexual chocolate happens at least 2 times before we attire to sleep. There also might be a bottle of wine involved in all this action.

4. I swear I am not a sex addict I mean really isn't the average sexual encounter happen about 3 times a week...I am just making up time since I only see him once a week. I have way to many things to do the other days of the week. I have to write my blog, then I have to visit all my favorite blogs and comment. I mean where would I be with out my fellow bloggers who entertain me to the fullest. I would name names but they have had stalkers and I wouldn't want to put them in harms way! But I do look forward to their utterly talent and cleverness. It makes my day.

5. Back to 5 in the morning I take 800 mg of advil (4 pills) because I have a hip problem (because I am an athlete) it's call bursitis (inflammation of the join) and Ubermouth I just want to know how you knew of my highly classified condition. Five shots of cortisone in the left hip joint and I am still on the advil.

6. I then get back in the bed and rub my nakedness against Logistic guy. Now he is not a morning lover-upper kind of guy but I am determined to turn him into one. I start by putting my boobs in his face and that usually perks him up. What can I say I strive to be better than average.

7. Then I pass out again for about an hour or two. I've never been an early riser but since I started working days as an emergency room Nurse dang it if I don't wake up every mooring at the crack of dawn...I mean I wake up before the roosters crow for goodness sakes...and that is a whole other animal. I'll spare you the details of where my finger have been think... KY jelly it's good for all kinds of things besides the attended normal usage. Not to mention all the balls I have had to cup but that was just for fun....

8. I shower with Logistics washing his chiseled chest and big muscular arms...He washes my back and I give him a little body to body scrub. Wash the car style. He has special peppermint shampoo that tingles my scalp and I feel invigorated. All this good stuff in just a tipical Thursday morning and man I bushed. I feel like I worked 12 hrs. at the hospital well not quite I never stick my fingers where they shouldn't be with Logistic guy.

9. He makes me tea with cream and suga and cooks me breakfast...heck I'm starving after all the action. Its always the same eggs, cheese and jalapenos...Ummmm breakfast in bed!

10. I leave and he goes to work. I head home because after all I have a lot of TV catching up to do. There is the FBI files and Medical detective shows that I have to watch because I am the FBI and this is part of my research. I know I shouldn't have told you but I know that I can trust you to keep my secrete safe Code name Maverick. And sometime during the day I might find myself doing my college homework (a bore) and I might find myself eating something like a carrot and then I might find myself reading all my wonderful blogger BFFs blogs and then maybe just maybe writing one myself.

And that my dear friends in just a tipical Thursday day in the life of Darn Girl. Oh the other days are much less exciting doing homework, talking on the phone endlessly, working out and of coarse watching the FBI files or Cold case on the boob tube. And now it is time to pass the torch and give the honor to someone else.

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And there you have it! I want all the dirt people!!!Mwahhhhhh


Tom Bailey said...

Congrats on the award.

You do have a fun and easy blog to read. Sometimes coming up with comments to something so racy is interesting. It just begged the question of what time did you go to bed the night before?

buffalodick said...

All my dirt is older than dirt! Born out of time... that's me!

Just telling it like it is said...

Tom...probably 11 pm...It is my joy to tell it like it is and hopefully someone will smile or at least laugh! Racy yes but I'm a nurse I lost my virginity long must laugh or you will be in tears!!!

Shelly Rayedeane said...

That is very sweet of you to say that. I'm adding you to my side bar link. :)

Liam said...

What's wrong with being a sex addict?

buffalodick said...

My Thursdays are usually blogging in the morning, and fixing a portable snack to a potluck buffet lunch at a local pub. We share food, I play a little Keno, tell jokes, then head home to start dinner. The rest is up to fate..

Beth said...

ahhh girl...what would I do without you in my life? seriously, you provide me so much entertainment! while Im getting NO sex, its nice to know that someone is getting it!!! enjoy it!!

love ya!

Joe Corbati said...

It is nice to be so loved.

Just telling it like it is said...

Ohhh buffalo: You know how I love it when you write about your life...the food is nice but you have some great stories...your going to have to open up and post your award!!!

Shelly: I have a big heart what can I say...I'll be looking for you award on your blog!

Liam: Yeah what is wrong with being a sex addict..never hurt me one bit!

Beth and I live vicariously thought you!

Joe: IO'm not sure he love me loves me but he does make a great tea and breakfast!

Heff said...

I'm still cracking up at "blowing fest", lol !!

Walker said...

Hmmm, Blog Lover eh

Just say it, you love the way I push with your keys ;)

I'm sure he's your cup of tea and with all the sugar you give him I bet the cream is always fresh.

Thanks for passing it this way.

Just telling it like it is said...

Heff: I thought you might like that term of endearment

Oh walker you know we go way being from Canada and all we are practically joined at the hip with a beer bong in hand

f1trey said...

hey darlin thanks! i think its XXX OOO

Liam said...

I think I need glasses. I was just looking at your picture from your last post and I noticed it's a mask. You'r going to laugh but until I looked at it closely I thought it was a pair of panties.


HH- WE have more in common that I realized.[ running to kill self!LOL]

Number 4 is about me,right?

I thought it very clever thaat this post was written to appear like it was all about you but was really a way of being all about me.

Clever! :)


* THAT comment had BETTER get published ! :)hahahahaha

I have new meat to make fun of on my blog- I have bumped into Beaver Cleaver hahahaha


Oh yeah, congratulations on the award. You ARE a good read.

Just telling it like it is said...

Liam: you would think thoughts were painties!

Your right Uber your one of my favorites so I had to get you in there amongst my trashy romance novel of a life!!
and Uber thanks!So are you!


Oh I did not answer you question:
How I knew of your highly classified condition.

I am all knowing and all seeing. :)

of course.

Just telling it like it is said...

uber: of coase...tehee HH

Anonymous said...

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