Tuesday, June 12, 2007

Is Life Really a Beach?

Is life really a beach ? and if it is how come my tubing exprience was not all it was cracked up to be? Our first mistake was to go with people that were not drinking. How can you go down the river in tubes, in bacteria infested water, with 2 English teachers, and 4hours to burn without drinking?? Girlfriend almost bit the bulled I swear! She lost her cute fabulous hat, got stung by a bee and fell off her tube. Of coarse I emediately had to start CPR, perform the heimlich manover and gave her a shot of epi that I had strapped to my arse. No worries she was still breathing when I started the CPR, she really never was choking on anything and she really didn't have a allergic reaction to the bee sting, but I was like when in Rome why not practice..well because practice makes perfect right? At least girlfriend and I got a laugh when she asked the only guy on our tubing adventure if he needed a tampon? I don't think he got the joke CAUSE HE WASN'T DRINKING EITHER? What was wrong with these people?


Cece said...

I make it a point not to hang out with people who don't drink. Seriously, they bore the fuck out of me! lol

~gkw said...

4 hours without a drink???

Michael C said...

I bet your friends are afraid to tell you they don't feel well, aren't they? Kudos for practicing CPR at the drop of a hat. You did say your friend lost their hat, right? I know it's a stretch, but it's cool what you did. I think my answer for everything from now on will be, 'wait, I know CPR, clear the way!!!'

Superstar said...

~shakes head~ That is just WRONG!!!
NO ONE goes tubing w/out the BEER!!!!

I don't even dsrink beer and I do it when tubing DOWN THE SALT RIVER!!!!!
I say DO OVER!!!!

~waves hands~
Good job on the life saving skills...I will be requesting you for my nursing needs in the future!

Beth said...

gosh, did you at least get a little bit naked?!!!

Just telling it like it is said...

peeps: the truth is no fun was to be had that day...not even breif nudity..not even a bikini..I was wrapped for war...what can I say it was freezing..sorry to let you all down...on my fabulous amazing nakid life...there is always tommorrow!

Mighty Dyckerson said...

I got a "tube" for you to ride right here!! It's in my PANTS!!!

mollymcmo said...

yes, WTF was wrong with these peeps?
thank the good ole lord she was breathing before you started CPR.
thank goodness for that! :)


mollymcmo said...

again you're making me LMAO!
and seriously i need that...one way of getting my ass off ;)


Willow said...

I am sorry that your river trip was the pits. Really there is no point in tubing down the river minus the beer!

We have a thing called a canoe poker run around here, which entails a lot of people going down the river simultaneously in canoes. If you don't bring beer, you aren't allowed on the river--just a little kidding there! But seriously, it is tons of DRUNK ASS people canoing down river at once, talk about a party! The point is to get totally trashed because why else would you be swimming in the same river all these drunk people are peeing in! Gross, very gross! But damn what fun:)

Q said...

No drinking for hours while tubing?! You were just asking for trouble.

Just dropping by to say hi love :)

Superstar said...

Keep in mind 80 is a CHILLY day in AZ... ;o)

Michael C said...

Life is always a beach...even if ya live in the desert!!