Thursday, May 18, 2006

Obessed I tell you...Obsessed

Since my recent break up with my ex-boyfriend who treated me as if I was invisible
I have been Obsessed….Obsessed I tell you about my blog.

I think about what to write in my blog as I am driving in my car….I think about what to write in my blog as I am working out on the elliptical….I think about my blog when I am on the toilet…I call my sister and bug her about my blog…while I am getting ready to go out on a date…I think about my blog.

So I asked myself…self is this because you have felt invisible for the last year?? Should you be like Mariah Carry (without wearing the sluttish outfits) (okay one time I did but then your labeled) and sing the song spread your wings butterfly?? Is this like my metamorphous out of a tightly woven cocoon??

I pondered this idea for a moment and then I thought…that has to be it…okay so I will only play the song butterfly…cause if I sing it then I might really start to think that I sound good and then I might leave my job and move to California to become famous… and I really love my job so I don’t think that is a good idea.

So I have decided to just put it out there mister guy that wanted me to be invisible…I’m just telling it like it is from now and well…you can’t do anything about it..

I’m not bitter I just tell all you ladies out there to not waste the pretty…if your in a relationship that makes you feel invisible…you can leave just like me…and maybe you can even find a blog lover just like me…and maybe you can date 3 guys at a time and maybe you will only really like one of the guys…and you will like me try to figure out ways to not see the other 2 guys with out hurting their feelings….and then maybe you will find 2 other guys to hang out with that your actually attracted to…it could happen..

Go figure???


Q said...

You're so beautifully complicated; I love it! Your blog is your best friend, you talk to it, you think about it, then one day you come home to find it making out with your girlfriend and then you kick it's ass and then you'll have make-up sex with it only to realize that you've lost that lovin feeling....(resisting urge to pretend I'm Tom Cruise in Top Gun in a cafe).

Just telling it like it is said...

Goodness gracious great balls of fire...If only I could have make-up sex...then I would imagine that it was you Q in New York out on the balcony in the rain, while listening to Mariah Carry...and I don't think that I could stop myself ...pretending that you were Maverick (my Code name how did you know?)Would you wear your helmet??

Q said...

Would I wear my helmet? You bet your sweet ass I would! Maybe even the aviator glasses. Well if you can make it here in the next hour we can play out this scene. It's raining and while I don't have a balcony, I think a fire escape would be much more romantic. An homage to Richard Gere in Pretty Woman.

Lestud said...

I know what you mean JTILII, your blog is starting to feel like that one time a new pub sprang up beside my old office, and I just had to pop my head in everyday after work to check out the people, the waitresses, the reruns of Mr Bean looping of the wide screen, even though I wasn't intending to buy a drink. :)

Lestud said...

Oh yeah, Q, hello!

I would have thought that 'Q' stood for queer or queen if I hadn't read your blog ;p

No offence intended mate, I'll buy you a pint of cheap Singaporean lager at your pub sometime :)

Just telling it like it is said...

Awe sure do know how to sugar a girl up...hurray for cheep beer!!!