Monday, November 24, 2008

Research number 2...

Since I am not working at this time I have decided that I need to do research just like real writers..
When Engineer guy's roommate left to live with his soon to be wife he left his playboys...So I heard that that playboy has interesting editorials, but mostly I saw boobage and vagignass... Now I asked myself what is normal? hair or no hair??Then I asked myself how much sex is normal a week when you are in a monogamous relationship?? Once a week? twice a week or 3 times a week?? I don't know you tell me??


doggybloggy said...

daily - I like daily if at all possible...

buffalodick said...

There is no answer for everyone! The term "normal" has always puzzled me... if we were all same, we would not evolve.

Walker said...

Lets see, me and my first EX had sex every night for 5 years until we moved in together and then it went down to a couple of times a week for 12 years.

With my second EX we had sex 2-3 times a week for a year until she moved in and then it was twice a day for nine years.


I went to work every day for 25 years and never had sex.
Did I mention I worked at a brothel and had dibs on anyone I wanted for free?

It's all in the chemestry and why you do it.
Some people use it to hold onto someone.
Some people just do it because they love it and then there is me, happy when his nose is wet. ;)

Chef E said...

I agree with Walker- Chemistry

My hubby and I lived together for nine years, and now married two, so for us it has never changed...I walk in the door and he gives me a kiss, while grouping my boobage. I am happy with that attention, and then the other depends on our schedules, but we are still crazy about each other...having playboy is not so bad both look :)

Just telling it like it is said...

Doggie;) Me too!

Buffalo: I never thought of it that way!

Walker now there is something to think about why do couple have sex Chemistry? or something else??

Chef? I do like looking at the playboys to play the yes no game..and awe that is so cute...he grabs your boobs!!