Thursday, February 15, 2007


"Life is a sucession of moments. To live each one is to succeed." -Corita Kent

Can I just be cheesy here for one moment. Good I thought so. This past year has been a year of complete growth and change. I left someone who I loved so deeply and I never thought I would find someone as wonderful as him. "Fire guy" Thank you for sharing just a glimps of time with me it was life changing. My current boyfriend is soooo sweet, kind, loving and just soooo great. Success does it really have to do with how much stuff we have, what class we see ourselves in, what kind of friends we have?? I just got back from Florida, met some really amazing people, stayed with my boyfriends friends and they were soooo great. I wouldn't change that experience for staying in a five star hotel, because we were living in the moment. Sharing the experience of really enjoying all the wonderful things about each other. Yes, success should be measured by the people that love you in your life, measured by the way that you live your life, and by the gifts that you give back to one another. Yes, in a day in age where it seems that people will judge one by the car that they drive or by the purse they carry. I am standing against the life I hope will be measured on the people I help, the love that I have for my man and I will never judge him no matter what comes our way, the kind of mother I am, ( i live to torchure the kid with my information) and by the people that love me. I hope all of you will do the same, live in the successful


Beth said...

Okay.....don't go gettin all philosophical on me now!

You are so right tho....I want to be measured by how much love I gave to people, not how much money I had in my bank account.

Christina_the_wench said...

You're in a good place. Go with it. =)

mollymcmo said...

ahhhh i like that! there have been moments when i'm down and usually there's always something good around the corner :)