Wednesday, January 09, 2008

Happy New year!!!

I wish that I could tell all my readers all about just how fun and excititng my new years was.(let's just say it wasn't 2 thumbs up or shit there was nothing,down and around )..I wish I could say that Iwas spending it with Engineer guy and his friends. I wish I could tell you about Engineer's roomates insistance to go streaking down the neighbor hood because he had just finished watching , "Old School"I wish that I would have known how much everyone had been drinking and I wish I could have brought in the new year with a bang!!!


On my new years day I was hanging with my sweet friend Jen. She tolerates all my gross abcess stories and in fact there were other nurses there at the all is not lose...I didn't get to see dave streaking...(THAT MIGHT BE A GOOOD THING) I drank a little wine, soaked up all the love from the girls....and passed out at 02000!!!!! I made it another year alive and another year to cause trouble.

I would say that somethings have changed between me and Engineer guy...some growing paings but I am still pulling for him., Time will telll. Uutil then I will be living with one of my girlfrieds
I have been sad, but every day get better....and better!!!keep looking out for me I !!!
untill next time....I hope not in the ER....take care you are always in the back of my mind!


*~*Cece*~* said...

Hey girl! I'm glad to see you're still alive. I'm pulling for you & Engineer guy. {{hugs}}

Beth said...

HEY!!! You ARE alive!!! YAY!!!

But boo for things not going well with Engineer Guy.. :(

I miss you girl!!!

Just telling it like it is said...

To CeCe, and Beth you don't know how good it feels to hear from you both...I guess it means I'm still famous in my mind!!! Cheers...cause I need the beers!!!
darn girl

Michael C said...

Hang in there and always look for the positive. It's great to have you back in blogsville!!!

Just telling it like it is said...

Thanks Micheal I am putting my heart into my work and girlfriends that truely listen to me...I know that relationships are sometime work and have to be worked on..I try and find the funny...and it always helps when I wright crazy stuff and read my blogfriend's blogs makes me fullfilled in a different way and make me happy...and this to shall pass...thanks for your kindness how is your heart?? I will for ever have your lob dub..clickity to my ears truely... its sound is in the back of my mind.. and what a miricle your spirit must be...It gives me hope when Work is tragic...It helps to know that there is a person out there that is light hearted...laughter is really the best medicine...and I thank your wife and kiddos...cause they must be great too!!!